?? Rentals
Commercial customers! Rigg's has top quality equipment for rent to help you on the job site. Excavator, Tree Chipper, Stumpgrinder, Trencher, and Track Loader are available to help you get the job done.

Residential customers can get involved too! Whether you are installing a landscape pond, removing trees, putting in a vegetable garden, or making flower beds, or restoring your lawn. Rigg's has the equipment you need for rent!

Heavy Equipment
Kubota Excavator 11' dig depth: $295 day/$1,295 week (Valparaiso)
Kubota 75HP Trackloader: $295 day/$1,250 per week (Valparaiso & Lafayette)
Vermeer 12" Tree Chipper:  $295 day/$1,295 week (Valparaiso & LaPorte)
Vermeer Stump Grinder:      $200 day/$800 week (Valparaiso)
Vermeer 6" Trencher:         $150 day/$750 week (Valparaiso)    

Lawn & Garden Equipment
Walk-Behind Brush Cutter: $85 day/$300 week
Sod Cutter: $85 day/$300 week
Dethatcher: $70 day/$245 week
Compactor:   $85 day/$300 week
Bed Shaper:  $85 day/$300 week
Garden Tiller: $70 day/$245 week

Delivery Available for all equipment